This rose won 'Best Small Color' at the Motor City Tattoo Convention in 2013.

Gentleman Corgi

I love when people hire me to do silly tattoos of their pets.

Big Brother

Acrylic painting on canvas card with repurposed Italian picture-frame.


Hand-Drawn Illustration on bristo paper using Micron Pens.


Fun greywash tattoo executed on the shoulder.

Rooftop Reckd

Reckd graffiti piece featuring 'Peppy The Ghost' character.

Up High in Detroit

Up High in Detroit

Short timelapse video filmed in Detroit by Reckd and Sun. Edited by Reckd.

Noncents Can

Freestyled character resulting from an introductory session with Adobe Illustrator.

Daddy's Girl

Fun shoulder tattoo featuring birds and blossoms.


Fun lettering freehanded with Sharpie marker and then tattooed on.

Aerosol & Audio 2014

Graffiti piece I painted at the 2014 Aerosol & Audio festival in Flint, MI.

Aerosol & Audio Timelapse

Short timelapse video of the piece I painted at Aerosol & Audio 2014.

Brain Control

Framed watercolor painting featuring script lettering and skull with all-seeing eye motif.

Mother Mary

Greywash portrait tattoo executed on the shoulder.


This was a fun color tattoo of a tiger I did on a client's chest.

Skull & Tentacles

Framed mixed media painting. I could easily tattoo stuff like this all day.

Jive Turkey

Hand-drawn illustration using Micron pens on bristo paper.

Rebel girl

Black and Grey portrait as part of a sleeve tattoo.


A series of hard-lined realistic roses tattooed on the shoulder.

Peppy The Ghost

Digital illustration of a character that I created named Peppy.


Reckd graffiti piece painted in Lansing, MI as part of an ongoing mural project.

Knit Or Die

Fun greywash tattoo on the forearm for a client who takes knitting seriously.

Anatomical Heart

This is a closeup of a framed watercolor painting I did a while back.

The Braindead

Reckd graffiti piece photographed by The Braindead.

Big Cat

Illustration I created using Micron pens on bristol paper.

All-Seeing Basement

All-Seeing eye that I painted as part of a friend's basement mural.

Reckd Basement

Reckd graffiti piece as part of a friend's basement mural.

Skull Coverup

Skull and roses coverup tattoo on the back of a client's calf.

Strange Music

The official Strange Music logo I once tattooed on a client's ankle.


Black and Grey tattoo on the forearm. I love doing pieces like this.

All-Seeing Reckd

This is the piece I painted at The 2013 Aerosol & Audio in Flint, MI.


Hand-drawn illustration using Micron pens on bristol paper.


Reckd graffiti piece painted as part of Reo Town Mural in Lansing 2012.

Wet Paint

Oversized 4-layer stencil spray painted on canvas featured in The Dirty Show 2012.

Illuminati Eye

Freehand tattoo drawn on with Sharpie and tattoo pen - executed on elbow.

Fire Extinguisher Sign

Collaboration on found sign with WARD using spray paint and markers.

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Corey Lewis / Hippo

I was born and raised in Metro-Detroit and I make my living doing tattoos at the well-renowned Eternal Tattoos in Livonia, MI. I've been passionate about art since a very young age. Before I started tattooing, I worked as a freelance graffiti artist and illustrator.

While I take pride in my ablility to produce whatever style tattoo you are seeking, I tend to do my best work when given creative freedom (with consideration to your needs as well). I will truely be able to fashion you a tattoo that is original and custom-made to fit your body. I greatly appreciate any client that lets me do so. Current projects that I'm especially interested in are neo-traditional animals, creatures, portraits, or any sort of natural elements(flowers, water, crystal, bugs, foliage, etc.).


I charge approximately $150/hr for tattoo work. Any paintings that are for sale will be listed with their description(please email me if you would like to purchase). If you're interested in any sort of commission paintings or murals, please email me with your idea using the form located here.

How to set up an appointment?

The best way to set up an appointment is to stop in and talk directly with me. However, if you're unable to do so, you may contact me using the form located here.

I will require a small deposit at the time of scheduling the apointment. This will come off of the final price of the tattoo.

Please - Serious inquiries only!

Thanks for your interest & Support!!

"The more you look - The more you see"

Corey Lewis


Remove and dispose of bandage when you get home. Do not leave bandage on for more than a couple of hours. Wash tattoo thoroughly using warm/hot water and non-fragrance antibacterial soap(such as Dial Gold). Do not scrub tattoo; Lather lightly.

Do NOT re-bandage tattoo.

Allow tattoo to air dry for at least 5 minutes before applying a very thin layer of A&D Ointment. If it appears glossy or shiny, you probably applied too much - Take a clean paper towel and blot away the excess. Reapply the A&D about 3 times a day for he first 3 days(wash your hands then your attoo before reapplying).

After the first 2-3 days, STOP USING THE A&D and switch to a fragrance free lotion such as H2Ocean, Aveeno or Lubriderm(I DO NOT recommend using "Tattoo Goo"). Apply anytime the tattoo feels tight for about 10 days or until tattoo is fully healed.


Itching and peeling is normal. DO NOT SCRATCH OR PICK AT YOUR TATTOO. Let it peel naturally on its own. Sometimes slapping or patting your tattoo helps to relieve the itching. Try to find a healthy medium between not allowing it to dry and not allowing it to become so moist that it is unable to breathe. If you have any further questions or happen to run into any issues, feel free to contact me.